Writer Coach

Writer Coach

Motivation, organization, inspiration.

I’ve been working as a professional writer for over a decade and I’ve seen a lot of trends, tools, and talents come and go. I’ve worked steadily in a field that is notoriously dicey, and I’ve picked up skills along the way. I share my experience, expertise, and insight so you can go out and do the same thing I’m doing every day: writing about what I love, thriving, and getting paid to do it. Whether you’re hoping to break into online publishing or working on your first book, I can help you organize your ideas, balance your work and each of life’s demands, and to find the original inspiration that got you here in the first place.

Here's What Happens

The process is straightforward: after receiving your emailed inquiry, I’ll set up a time for us to meet on Zoom. This meeting can last for up to an hour and there’s no obligation on your end at all. We’ll discuss where you’re at in your career, what other elements in your life are present, and where you’re hoping to go. I’ll walk you through my organizational process, and we’ll discuss whether or not it’s something you can benefit from.

Who you are

You already know you're a writer — that's not the issue here. You're probably also a parent and a partner, and you're juggling a lot of responsibilities while trying to find time to do what you're meant to do. Whether you're hoping to break into online publishing, you're currently a freelancer, or you're working on your first book, I'll help you get organized and find the time, focus, and drive to write and to succeed.

One-on-one coaching

The coaching process is simple: we'll meet up to 8 times a month, for either 30 minutes or an hour at a time. I'll introduce organizational principles and guidelines in our first meeting, and from there we will work on making sure you have the ability to carve out the space you need to create.

Affordable rates

My hourly rate ($50/hour) stays the same no matter what, so you're always able to budget and plan for each meeting we have. I'll invoice you for two weeks of meetings at a time, and that invoice can be paid via Paypal or Venmo. It's easy to end services — all you have to do is send an email.